Final Meeting of Modul B 3DO+M Phase 2

Final Meeting of Module B 3DO+M Phase 2

Module B 3DO+M had its final meeting on 1st of March at the Chair of Climatology, TU Berlin. The meeting was well attended although some of the sub-projects finished their project work already by the end of 2022.

After a long time of no meetings in presence due to Covid in phase 2 of the BMBF-Programme, the final meeting offered the chance to meet the project partners for a last farewell and to present the results of the last three years of phase 2. Each sub-project presented its main results, especially on the evaluation work concerning PALM-4U. A lot of exciting results were shown on the parameters air temperature and humidity, wind, turbulence and eddy covariance, radiation, thermal effect complex and air chemistry (particles and gases). Not all results concerning one specific parameter agreed with each other and there are still open and unsolved questions, but evaluation is continuing even after the programme is finished. Lively discussions followed each presentation of the sub-projects. Nevertheless, there was consensus that PALM-4U is a valuable tool to simulate urban microclimate for scientific questions although simulation results should be carefully assessed and interpreted. One problem that requires further investigation is the weather data used as input for PALM-4U in the dynamic driver.

There was an intensive exchange during the breaks. After Covid restrictions there was a huge need for personal exchange concerning the work and future common projects. In a wrap-up of the day module B agreed on common statements to be presented on the final meeting of the programme taking place the very next day in Berlin.

Finally, everyone enjoyed dinner together at an Italian restaurant and continued discussions and conversations.