• Continuation of long-term observations for another three years 
    With the continuation of the long-term observations, further three-dimensional atmospheric data on weather and climate, aerosols and air pollutants will be obtained in Berlin, Hamburg and Stuttgart.

  • Execution of specific measurements  
    If necessary, specific measurements are carried out in different cities to obtain data for the evaluation of the new urban climate model PALM-4U and for specific fields of application in practice.

  • Evaluation of PALM-4U 

    The evaluation of PALM-4U by 3DO+M is both general and application specific. The research in 3DO+M contributes to long-term provision of quality-assured PALM-4U model versions.

  • Urban climate research 

    PALM-4U and observational data are used for scientific contributions in international urban climate research.

  • PALM-4U Workbench / Community model

    Cooperation with the other modules takes place by supporting the development of the PALM4-U Workbench for practical users and the development of PALM-4U to a community model.

  • Provision of freely accessible data 

    A data management system, based on open source software, will be developed and operationalized to provide data via freely accessible data portals for public and scientific use.




Examples for long-term measurements and measurements during the intense observation periods of 3DO. © Chair of Climatology Technische Universität Berlin 2020