Objectives of Module B

⟩ Collection of three-dimensional, high-resolution atmospheric data on weather and climate, aerosols and air pollutants in various cities:

  • Processing of existing long-term observations (LTO) and establishment of new LTO in phase 1 for the cities of Hamburg, Berlin and Stuttgart.
  • Continuation of LTO in phase 2
  • Implementation of four intense observation periods (IOP, two in summer, two in winter) in phase 1
  • Implementation of specific observation campaigns in phase 2
  • Continuous processing and quality assurance of data

⟩ Development of an evaluation concept

⟩ General and application-specific evaluation of PALM-4U based on the acquired reference data

⟩ International and national urban climate research using observational data and PALM-4U simulations

⟩ Implementation of urban-rural studies using observational data and PALM-4U simulations

⟩ Development of an open source software-based data management system (DMS), a data standard, data guidelines and tables

⟩ Development of tools for data preparation and quality assurance, data analysis and interpretation, and their graphical presentation

⟩Provision of data with free license via the DMS or developed portals (e.g. 'Berlin Data Portal') for scientific and application-related questions

⟩ Co-operation in cross-module working groups (WG) such as WG 'Data Management' or WG 'Model Evaluation'

⟩ Co-operation with Module A in the development of PALM-4U into a community model

⟩ Co-operation with Module A and C in the development of a permanence strategy of PALM-4U and further results:

  • Long-term provision of quality-assured observational data as a basis for evaluation of future PALM-4U model versions.
  • Participation in the WG 'Quality Assurance' in the further development of PALM-4U

⟩ Public relations

⟩ Preparation of scientific publications


Examples for long-term observations and observations during intense observation periods of 3DO. © Chair of Climatology Technische Universität Berlin 2020